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How to publish documents via service portal

lee mcdermott

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I know there was talk of making documents from the document manager available via the service portal and have seen some updates mentioned about document manager updates.

i am just trying to set some of this up. Is there any upto date notes on the wiki or youtube?


I have managed to publish a library and add a document and shared that document with a user who can then see the document.


but ideally want to be able to make a document available to all users and the only method it appears is to add individuals to the document properties. So this method is not really feasible.


So wanted to see if there was any guides on how to set these things up.





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You can share libraries with Groups and Roles, and anyone who is in the group or role will be able to see any documents that have been published to that library, for example if you shared the library with the Collaboration Role or Collaboration users would be able to see the library and view any documents within.  You can share the library from the library properties page as shown in the attached screenshot and can publish documents to libraries by first making them active and then selecting the publish tab on the document properties page.
Hope this helps
Trevor Harris


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