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Put a call on hold in BPM until a particular date

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi...me again!

Is there a way in the BPM to put a call on-hold UNTIL a particular date? I can see that there's an option to put it on hold for a particular amount of days/hours etc, but not an 'until' option.

The reason for this is that we get our 'leavers' requests through email, which have a 'leaving date' written in to them. If I could get this date and put the call on hold UNTIL then, it would save having to keep checking to see if the call needs to be updated or not.


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@Paul Alexander 

The BPM is meant to be dynamic, people are meant to use it regardless of the date in the year. The way it works now is that today being the 15th of May, you can specify to put a call on hold for 4 days, meaning it will come off hold on 19th may. Then tomorrow if someone else uses this same BPM to put a call on hold for 4 days it will come off hold on 22nd May and so on. 
What you are requesting for will mean if you specify in the BPM to put this call on hold until 19th May, then today when a user puts a call on hold until 19th May, it will be correct but if another user puts the call on hold on 23rd May to go off hold on 19th May, the BPM will fail because it was only meant to be used to 19th May. The aspect of being dynamic is lost and the BPM will need constant updating.

With regards to the Leavers requests, the leaving date must be different for different people. Would it not be ok if you specified the on hold period in days in the BPM rather than specifying an on hold until date?




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Guest Paul Alexander

HI @Pamela

Thanks for the reply......it turns out I was thinking about this all wrong! I had it in my head that I could search for the 'leaving date' in the email and then use that to put the call on hold until that date. But that isn't possible....so I've just added a manual activity to get someone to do it...er....manually!

thanks again...



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Guest Ehsan

@Paul Alexander

You can automate this requirement through a Business Process. Are these requests raised against a particular Service? If so, through the Service Definition, find the "Workflow" that this relates to. This is also referred to as a Business Process.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 09.36.23.png


Within the Business Process designer, you can design the logic under which you wish to automatically place a request On Hold. You could achieve this through an Automated Task.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 09.34.47.png

In the options of this Automated Task, you can select the following configurations to provide an On Hold Period (for example - 4 days).

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 09.33.44.png


In my example, when a request's Priority has been chosen by an Analyst, the Business Process automatically places the request On Hold for 2 hours.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 09.40.27.png

I hope this helps.



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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Ehsan and @Pamela

I'm revisiting this because I think I now know what I'm after!

Our leavers requests come through very randomly from HR and they all have different 'leave periods', which means that their leaving dates don't necessarily follow a set pattern.

So,. I have set up a manual activity to put the call on hold until that date. I then have a node which suspends the call until 'off hold' 

The problem is, as I have set this as a manual activity, that activity has to be completed, which then makes the BPM carry on straight past the 'suspend' node (as the BPM doesn't know that the call is on hold, as the analyst completes the task, THEN puts the call on hold until a particular date)

How can I set a manual task so that the analysts put the call on hold UNTIL a particular date, and the BPM waits for that date before moving on?

I've added a screen shot (although I'm not sure it'll be much more help!)





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