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Missing information using custom fields in email template

lee mcdermott

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Most of our email templates use the custom_a, b etc fields. I am pretty sure I tested this when I initially set it up so not sure if something has changed as a result of an update?

But now when an email is generated a number of the custom fields do not populate on the email. It appears to be anything using a static drop down select box or static checkbox group?

All normal text fields seem to work and populate ok.

Should these fields still work for this type of drop down selection?

Any ideas?





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Hi Victor see screen shots attached as an example - new user form - was working as you can see, but now is not. I have included the email template for this as well.


So other examples are as follows

SR*367 User account management new user (prog capture) - working

SR*3473 User account management new user (prog capture) - not working

using email template emailapproval_new_user


SR*271 Technical support additional equipment request (prog capture) - working

SR*3460 - Technical support additional equipment request (prog capture)  - not working

using email template emailapproval_additional_equipment


SR*834 - mailbox access form - not working

SR*3457 new mobile phone - not working - new form created yesterday so have not managed to get it working at all yet.


thanks lee



new user fields missing.JPG

new user fields present.JPG

new user email template.JPG

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@lee mcdermott right, I think I found why the info is missing from emails... and I think there is an(other) underlying issue that I need to investigate in more depth ...by this I mean Hornbill defect :( ... It also means I need to log a request with our support team ... can I do this on your behalf or you prefer to use the support form?

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For future reference, the issue was caused by a Hornbill defect in which ProCap custom fields using static checkbox/dropdown boxes which are mapped to a custom field in requests table, would not populate the selected value in the designated/mapped custom field. Fixed in latest Service Manager update.

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