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Yes, I need the number of days, then create a chart with 3 series, from 0-7 days, from 8-14 days, and from 14-21 days, on counter of Active request, within teams.

What query have you use to get the number of days?





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@Joyce you really like to give us a challenge :D .... I'll have a look tomorrow morning... On top of my head it should (emphasise on "should) be doable using multiple measures and again, multi series...

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@Prathmesh Patel how do you define In/Out of SLA... is it on all active requests (open, on-hold, resolved) or just resolved? or just closed? :) 

I think is faster if I create a test widget for this in your instance and walk you through it after if you have any questions on it...let me know if is all right with you

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