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Mutliple Mailboxes


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Some of my request analysts have access to more than one mailbox, including myself.  I can't however see how you can toggle between the different mailboxes in Hornbill Live and therefore can currently only view one of them. Can someone advice please?  Thanks



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I've attached both mailboxes to my roles but still can't see them listed in the top left hand corner.  All I can see is this:

Are there any other setting I need to have in place in order the give myself the access to the multiple shared folders? 




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In our setup we created a separate mailbox role for each shared mailbox and then allocated membership of these to the individuals, with the rights below.


Also we when you get access sorted you need to be careful about which mailbox is used when sending emails from requests in the live user app as there is no current default settings and choose the first one alphabetical in the list. Which is why we have raised the issue below about having a default per service.




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