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Good Morning,


I have a question about the configuration of view for users .

Is it really necessary to insert user1 in all teams to see all incident tickets of all teams ? I attached the screenshots of my shared view, named " Incident - All Status " .

My admin user can see 55 tickets, user 1 can see 17 tickets . This because user 1 is inserted only into two team ( service desk and SIA ).

There is another way , please ? I don't want to inser the user 1 into all teams because he shall receive all notifications of all teams, correct ?

Let me know kindly, many thanks








vista condivisa.zip

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Hi @andrea_bariggi

Thanks for the post.

The way Service Manager is designed is to only show request content to each analyst based on the teams they belong to, and or the services which their teams support. As such when you create a view and share it with different users, the different users may see different numbers of results based on their membership to the teams, and their support of the services against which the requests which make up the view consist of. 

This is to ensure that analysts only see the requests they are suppose to see.

If there is no need for these type of barriers, then when you are configuring your Services, if you leave the Supporting Teams field blank, this will mean that all teams will be able to support them, and will be able to see requests logged against these services from the request list view.   If however only certain teams are suppose to view / and have options to have requests assigned to them then this is why you may have teams defined against each service in the Supporting Teams fields. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 23.13.56.png

Another consideration if you simply want a group of users to be able to view all requests against all services, is to create a group say something like 'Managers' and then add them to each service as a supporting team.  Now they will have the rights to view all requests against all of these services without the notifications of being in teams which have the requests logged to them.   There is also an option in the admin tool > Service Manager > Service Desk where you can configure for each member of this new 'team' if thy are allowed to have requests assigned to them, so if you don't want them to get notifications, and not have requests assigned to them, but to view all requests this might be an option. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 23.13.17.png

Hope this helps


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