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@lee mcdermott

Whilst this is not currently possible, we have a change lined up which will allow you to add 'connections' to a request from progressive capture.   Based on how the connections work, you would be able to define a Connection type of 'On Behalf Of' and when raising a request you would be able to select and add another customer as a connection to the request as type 'On Behalf of' and then using the business process options for emailing, you could both auto email this added connection and the logger as the ticket progresses. 

More info here regarding Connections: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Connections_Action_Item

This feature has a lot of support from other customers, so i would hope it would be available in the not to distant future, once this change is scheduled i will post back here. 

Ironically i will add you as an interested connection to this change :)


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