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Reports - no data for HTML?

lee mcdermott

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i am just in the process of trying to setup our first reports, in particular I need to create a report for CAB each week to allow viewing of the changes logged for the previous week.

I have managed to create a report and when doing a data preview all data appears to be there.


I seem to have 2 issues.

1. When running the report and viewing the html version there is no data included in the report only a list of change numbers. However the csv version does include all the data from the change. Why does the html version not include any data. Ideally we need to use HTML as sending a csv file for people to review is not ideal or as user friendly I don't think.

2. As most of the fields are using custom fields -a to q the report preview and csv file does capture the info - but is there anyway to manually change the field headings in the report (see csv screenshot below) as anyone reading the report and seeing custom a for example as a heading it is meaningless - I would want to have the title of the field from the actual progressive capture form. or at least manually add a title to the report when creating it?







csv report.JPG

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Hi @lee mcdermott

Sorry you are having issues here, you should be able to see the same results in the html as you do in the csv.

Could you confirm the report type (grouped list of data etc) that you used, and if the report is based on an Entity (change for example) or Report Using SQL Designer as i can't seem to replicate the issue here? if possible perhaps you could download the report definition and add it here so we can take a look?

On point 2. there are options to manually change the column display names for any column including the custom ones. 

If you are creating a report using An Entity - such as Change, when you view the Column Selector view, you can click next to the selected columns in the icon (pencil in pad icon), and this will display a pop up where you can define a display name for the column.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 20.05.21.png

For a report using the SQL Designer, you must first select one or more tables for your report.  Once you have if you highlight a table in the selection box, you will see an option to add an alias name for the table - again a pop up will appear where you can set a more meaningful table display name. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 20.06.06.png

More importantly, this will then allow you to define display names for the columns of this table, if you then go to the view columns tab, now you will see the same edit icon next to each column name, where you can click and see a pop up to change the display name for the columns.*

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 19.59.03.png

* Tip - if you don't see the edit icon on the columns having set an alias for the table, just navigate to another tab, and back to the select columns and it should appear. 

Let us know about the first issue and we can take a look for you


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@Steven Boardman


thanks Steve


Yes I can see how to update the column names now that is great thanks,


For point 1 - it is using an entity type. I may have found the issue - (user error I think as I have never done these before). But the report data output was set to grouped data count. i have changed it to show all data and that seems to have done the trick.

I'm just wondering is it possible to connect to hornbill data using crystal reports do you know?

I used to use crystal reports a lot to generate our previous reports and would be really handy to be able to do that again (as it means I can schedule them)

report view.JPG

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@lee mcdermott glad that you can now see the data :)

We don't allow direct OBDC connections to your instance, as i am sure you can understand as we are responsible for the performance / availability of your instance as the provider - but we are continuing to enhance our reporting options to allow customers to have more freedom around integrating with 3rd party reporting tools, by way of an example yesterday we released V1 of an integration with Microsoft's PowerBi solution allowing you to use reports and measure data from Hornbill and use and manipulate this data in PowerBi,  see wiki page below:


We are working on new reporting for the Service Manager application which will be available from the Service Manager App in the user app, which we will then be looking to provide scheduling options for, once we have some more info on when this will be available i will post back

I hope this helps



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