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Dynamic Filters

Steve Giller

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Is there a way to filter a report on the contents of a column?
E.g. to restrict the list of assets to those in a particular Building can I have a user-defined filter that allows one (or more) of the existing values in the building column? (i.e. built from SELECT DISTINCT h_building FROM h_cmdb_assets) rather than using a separate list that may get out of sync with the database.

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

If I have understood your post correctly, unfortunately right now, for User Prompted values in a report, the a separate simple list of data is the closest that I think you can get to what you require (which I think you have already alluded to)



I'll ask the question internally to see if driving the prompted value from a user defined query is a possibility, and keep you updated.

Kind Regards



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