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Co-worker lookup no phone numbers

Ralf Peters

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thanks @Victor , is that a recent change , our co-workers (users)  normally do not touch their profile , we just add them automatically through an   ldap script when we create new users in our AD system . All of them seem to be set to "Followers" , i can not changed them  through the Live  poral , the admin portal   Home>System>organisational Data>users , does not have any option to set this.  What table does this setting live in so i can SQL it ?

Thanks  Ralf


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@Ralf Peters there were a few changes around profile visibility but nothing recent (meaning nothing changes since last year)... The default visibility for profiles is "Followers". This is hard coded. If a user changes the visibility of a certain section then we have a record of this in the database... Therefore:

3 hours ago, Ralf Peters said:

What table does this setting live in so i can SQL it ?

won't matter since you can't change something is if not there (hope this makes sense). There is no easy way to bulk changes this, actually there is no way to change this by any other than the user changing them himself... I had a look and see if I can build a quick tool to call the set profile visibility API for a list of users but that won't work either...because the API takes the user information from the session variable, it is not passed as a parameter... there is a way to build a tool but is not quite simple... I can have a look and see if-how-when can be done... I'll also ask our dev team to see if they can expose the default visibility configuration in the admin UI so an admin can change the default values for these which are used when a user is created...

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Hi  @Victor thanks for looking into this,  so what i can see is that  it writes to the h_sys_user_profile_viz  table ,  couldn't  i just ceate records for each userid, duplicating the field settings ?

The table was empty before i change my setting .





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@Ralf Peters First of all I would really not advise to play around with SQL updates and inserts. I understand that you have knowledge in this area however, things can break so easily... I've seen tables wiped out, for example, by an incorrect statement or forgetting to add a correct filter and so on...

But you are right, the user profile settings are stored in this table and a record is created once a user changes any of these settings...You could create a record for each user ID however I am unable to advise further. If something breaks or not working right we would be unable to assist you in fixing it. I hope you understand this and the reasons behind this... What I can advise is to at least try with one or two users then, after a thorough testing, do this for any other...

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