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I've been using a lot of Custom Variables e.g. {{.H_custom_a}} to pull through form responses into auto-emails.  I have instances however where the customer may have left a field blank when they completed the online form so what happens is that when the email is received the customer sees {{.H_custom_a}} in the email text and will wonder what that is.  Is there a way of presenting a blank instead of a variable name in instances like this?




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Thanks Alex, this is cool but the example doesn't quite help me fully as it doesn't explain what I need to put in the Expression field if I just don't want a variable to show if a field value is blank.    

This is an example of the email I'm creating.  Basically as the customer didn't enter info for a 3rd device I want {{.H_custom_f}} and {{.H_custom_g}} to not appear. 



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@SJEaton indeed, the wiki is not very explicit when it comes to expression configuration for variable empty value. So, for example, to cater for empty values of {{.H_custom_a}}, your expression needs the be like this:

'{{.H_custom_a}}' NOT LIKE '%{.H_custom_a}%'

Technical explanation: This is because if the {{.H_custom_a}} variable does not have a value, it does not actually evaluates to empty or NILL, it evaluates to the variable name as string. Hope this make sense :)

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