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Aborting a Progressive Capture


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We have a progressive capture that should only be completed if the customer doesn't have access to our SAP system to undertake a transaction themselves. I therefore ask a question upfront in the progressive capture that asks the customer if they have access to our SAP system.  If they answer yes then it advises them to use the SAP system instead. If they answer know then it just progresses to the next question in the capture.  With the option where they answer yes, I want to then abort the capture so that a request isn't logged but can't find how to do this.  Can someone advise if this can be done please?



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Guest Mohamed

Hi @Samantha,

Thanks for your query, unfortunately we don't support aborting a progressive capture. Currently, all progressive captures "End" successfully and raise a request at the end of it



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Hi @SJEaton

If you are getting a stage checklist validation error it is usually because you have tried to exit the stage, and Mandatory Checklist items have not been marked. 

When you are creating your first stage, and setting checklist items, you have the choice to mark these as Mandatory, or Optional.  If you have a scenario where the request is going to be cancelled (as you appear to have) then this should be an Optional checklist item, but so should the other checklist items which exist in this stage which may come into play if you don't follow the cancel path, but instead follow the MSS / ESS 'no' option in your example.

If you set your checklists items to optional this may do the trick

What we are basically saying is, we have two possible routes this process could follow, and as down either route we have checklist items, but because we don't know which route will be taken at design stage, we need to set the checklist items as optional.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 17.15.30.png

Let us know how you get on


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13 minutes ago, SJEaton said:

It doesn't cancel the request automatically though as I thought it would as I've set a Cancel Request Node 

@SJEaton it could be because you have enabled mandatory comments on request canceling. The BP does not have the "comment" option when canceling. Try and disable this setting and give it another try to see if the BP does the cancelling...


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I know this thread is a bit old but I want to be able to hide the finish button in the progressive capture too.

I have PCs that contain links to other catalog items, allowing me to only display a couple of buttons for the end user but with links to a choice of what the users want to do.

This works fine unless they click the finish button which logs a blank request.  To be able to hide it from these PCs would be really helpful.

casehandling demo.PNG

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