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Somewhere between Forms and Custom Forms!

Steve Giller

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A "hybrid" of the preset forms and the custom forms

Use Case:
We have a Service for internal deliveries which we want to manage in SM - currently it appears the only way to achieve a pick-up site and drop-off site is custom forms, which means building and maintaining a simple list of sites to mirror the sites in SM. What we want to do it use the Site form and change the labels to say "Please select the site the package needs picking up from." and probably push that into a Custom Field, and a second Site form saying "Please select the site the package needs delivering to." Similarly we would want a Customer form, but pushed into a Custom Field for the recipient.

This is similar to the ability to have an "On behalf of" Customer form as discussed in the linked thread, but with the ability to change where the result is stored. 


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I agree. It would be beneficial to allow any form that populates a field to have the option to select which field is populated.



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Guest Ehsan


Thank you for your suggestion. I am pleased to inform you that we're currently investigating our options regarding a suitable approach for this type of customisation. We will provide you with an update as soon as we've made progress with this.



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