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Site lookup extremely slow

lee mcdermott

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I just wanted to raise the following issue. 

We have a site list of approx 360 sites. I included the site form in our progressive capture (only on progressive capture forms that are used by our analysts) select site not used for users logging via self service portal.


However it has always been super slow to populate when typing in the search box even to the point just typing a name in the box is delayed and can be several seconds before it catches up with itself to show what has been typed. Normally typing a name of a site will normally take approx 10 seconds to search populate the box.

this was causing such delays that I have now removed the option from our progressive capture as call logging was taking to long.

I thought this cannot be right as our user search is super fast and that is querying over 9000 records.


i have just done some more testing and included the site search on a form via the self service and found this is fast and works as expected. however when going back into service manager and logging a call with Site it is still really slow as mentioned above?





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