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Problems logging on to Service Manager Portal

Rohit Govind

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Hi @Rohit Govind

We have just checked and your instance seems to be fine and is accessible, with no errors in the logs. You can check this yourself by going to our support page and entering your instance details, and performing a ping check.


Let us know if this is not what you see


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Hi @Rohit Govind

Thanks for the update. It would be highly unusual for your instance to be unavailable without us knowing about it, we monitor every aspect of our service provision and take a great deal of care over making sure everything is robust.  As @Steven Boardman mentioned, a good place to start is the https://www.hornbill.com/support/ where we have a "telco-like" self-test that makes real calls into your instance through the stack layers, this test is invaluable because the calls the test makes are made from your browser so if the tests pass then you have access.  If the tests fail because something is wrong our end it will give you a specific error message/condition, and if like in your case its something your end, the test would not even be able to reach our edge servers so that would be obvious too. 

Anyway, I am glad everything is now working for you. 


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