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Round Robin Assignment without using BPM

Paul Alexander

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Is there a way of assigning (or reassigning) a list of calls using the Round Robin or 'most available' options without using a BPM?

For instance, in the Request List, if I sort the requests by Status and choose all of the Open Incidents, is there a way of reassigning those requests on a Round Robin basis (we probably wouldn't do it quite as flippantly as that, but I'm using it as an example!)

I understand that new calls can be assigned in the BPM, but was wondering if there are any other scenarios where that option could be utilised?





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Guest Ehsan

Hi @Paul Alexander,

Thank you for your post.

It is not possible to manually configure such option through the Requests List and we initially provided the mean to configure such option through the Business Process engine as an automated task. This requirement is not in our 90-day development board I am afraid although it may be considered in the future if there is more interest in this from the Hornbill community.



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Hi Paul,

I just wanted to let you know that I have raised a change proposal for your requirement.  It will most likely not be something that we are in a position to deliver soon, but I will keep this post updated once we start to see some progress.



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+1 for this feature request.

It would be great to be able to switch auto assignment on for teams or services as required. Useful if you spot a team resistant to owning tickets until 1 minute before resolution, plus it can markedly improve response and resolution times:)

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  • Victor changed the title to Round Robin Assignment without using BPM
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