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10 Question Limit when pulling answers from a form

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I have a form with more than 10 questions. I need to pull out information from answer 11 as well as answers 1, 2 and 6 in order to update the Description field. I am doing this for automation.

When it comes to CTRL + clicking in the BPM i only get 10 answers in the variable list... I thought if i added one of them in, then changed the number to 11 it would work... but it doesn't, i get "Undefined" when it comes out in a ticket.

I thought this might have been a temporary workaround until this idea is discussed/looked at/implemented (Which would allow me to split the questions into seperate forms, rather than have a single large form):

But it isn't.... and I don't know what to do now. Can this answer limit be increased? Or at least allow us the ability to reference an answer greater than 10 if we can change the number value after selecting he variable.



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Guest Ehsan


We're working on a concept to provide the ability for BPM Users to select a Question through a new Variable Picker option in the Business Process designer. I will provide you with the full details as soon as this concept is confirmed but I can give you some insight into it now.

Consider the following example, where in the "new release" Progressive Capture form, I have created two Customised Forms - called "Form A" and "Form B". Form A consists of 11 questions.


Within the Variable Picker option in the Business Process designer, you'll be presented with a new option called Custom PCF.



Selecting the "Custom PCF" option then presents you with Progressive Capture forms that contain Customised Forms. In my example, only "new release" contains Customised Forms.



You'll then be asked to select a Customised Form from the selected Progressive Capture form and then on, you'll be presented with a list of Questions to select from. This is dynamic and the label of a Question will be displayed in the list. As you can see in my example, I can select Question 11 B).



This enhancement could be provided through a new BPM Automated Task although this is not confirmed yet. The development of this concept is not complete yet but I will inform you as soon as the details of this are confirmed.




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