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BPM failure

lee mcdermott

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For some reason one of our BPMs failed looks like it had lost a setting when trying to add to a board. I have altered it again and it now works.

However how do you close a call when a bpm has failed see screen shots below. I have selected resolve - so it says it is resolved. But is still shows in the request list under resolved where as normally we would have them closed so they disappear from the list.


I have tried the run last stage but that hasn't done anything.


Is there a command or something that can be run against individual calls if\when this happens?





bpm error.PNG

bpm failure.PNG

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Hi @lee mcdermott

If the "run last step" didn't work then unfortunately there is currently no way to correct the BPM on the specific request.  

In your case of wanting to close such requests, provided you have the right to close requests for the type of request in question then once a request is resolved you should see a "Close" button on the resolution tab which will enable you to close it.

Kind Regards,



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