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Call pinned to wrong list on board

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I may have done something wrong (again!) but if so I can't see it.

My call that has been logged for the Ilkeston site is pinned to the Broomfield list and I can't work out if this is a bug, or if I've configured something badly.

As you can see from the attachments what I think I'm doing is testing for site = Broomfield, then Hudson/Johnson, then Ilkeston at which point it should match and pin. Somehow it's matching site == Broomfield Hall and pinning to that list instead.

I haven't screen capped it, but the final "No Match" does not pin to Broomfield, it pins to Other, and I've even checked in Database Direct that h_site is set to Ilkeston Campus.


Any ideas?


Screenshot 2017-04-21 10.36.12.png

Screenshot 2017-04-21 10.36.17.png

Screenshot 2017-04-21 10.36.20.png

Screenshot 2017-04-21 10.36.25.png

Screenshot 2017-04-21 10.41.12.png

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One was IN00005744

The assignment was approx 2 hours ago (around 10) but I'll try and get a better time shortly.

Strangely I copy/pasted the whole block to another stage, then changed the Boards from Caretaking to Maintenance and it worked fine for that part.

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@DeadMeatGF right, after a bit of digging, I found out what happened (next would be to see how and why)... is related to my thought above, something with the list names...

So, first thing I checked if by any chance the BP went via the "site = Broomfield" branch in the first decision node. It did not... the BP correctly went through all decision nodes up to "site = Ilkeston". So the site on request and decision node configuration is not the issue here, all is correct so far. Next I looked a the "add to board" node, below is an extract of the configuration from this node: (I posted this as I know you are quite technical but if it does not make sense I'm happy to explain)


So, the board is correct (id = 30 is the id for Facilities Caretaking board) however the next bit, the list, seems to be incorrect... as you can see the BP definition has the list name as "Ilkeston Campus" instead of just "Ilkeston"... which is the actual name of the list... (this is actually the bit I am now trying to figure out).

Moving next, all behaves as designed, meaning if the list name in the BP definition does not match any existing list from the respective board (it doesn't because "Ilkeston Campus" != "Ilkeston"), then the flowcode will designate as list the first list defined in that board, which is Broomfield. And this is how this request ended on that list...

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That's great work, thanks @Victor

My educated guess as to what has happened is that I pasted Ilkeston Campus as the List name, then deleted Campus (and it's preceding space) before closing the node, but some glitch has caused the whole string to pass into the node. When I copy/pasted the sequence and changed the Board, that re-saved the node with just Ilkeston in the List value and all was well.

Not quite sure why moving it to a new Service fixed the issue on the original node, but I'm happy that it has.

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