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Gerry's Q&A Monthly

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Hi All,

@Keith mentioned a suggestion something similar to this which I was already thinking about having hosted my first live stream event yesterday. 

I was thinking about doing some form of regular Q&A/General chat type on-line event, possibly using YouTube live streaming. I am not sure we could get into the detailed depths of something like reporting that @Keith had also mentioned. I could however cover some of the interesting things the folks are working on from time to time, so that I think sounds pretty aligned with the sort of thing you are suggesting.  The format is pretty simple, there is a live video stream where I can present slides, do PTC, show software features, examples etc and there is a live chat where live viewers can ask questions for me to respond to - in effect the chat stream drives the agenda.   Topics would be all things Hornbill and Applications related, Technology, probably a dose of my own views and opinions in general ad possibly the odd rant too. 

The great thing about the YT live stream is, you only need to attend the live stream if you want to participate in the real time chat, because once the stream is ended it is pushed to Hornbill's YouTube channel with no additional effort which makes it efficient. The bad news about YT streaming its in the public domain which means content would have to be limited to stuff that I would be prepared to make public knowledge because anyone including our competitors could be watching, that would be I would have to exclude things like security, future product plans and so on, so that is a limitation. 

I could use a closed system, something like Livestream but there are costs associated with that and the closed nature of the platform would add considerable complexity and overhead to administering such an event, and that kinda takes the motivation out of it. 

Interested in your thoughts. 


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I've been to quite a few of these for Frontier Developments, and although the issue of "super secret stuff" does crop up it doesn't much to diminish the value of the streams as they address the question without answering it, which can even generate speculative discussion on the forums and keeps the buzz around the product going.

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