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Assign to "me" button


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In our organisation we have a central queue where all general tickets start being worked on, staff check and assign to themselves. It would be useful if they could assign the tickets to themselves, perhaps to a default team (set under the analyst's profile).

At the moment they have to assign to a team first (problem if there are lots of teams) and then select themselves.

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Hi @nasimg

Thanks for your post.  

We have a change in the backlog to add a ''Me'' type option on the assignment and maybe this could also help with your default team assignment requirement too.  The idea with this change will just have ''Assign to me'' button or option with the following functionality

  • If a team is already selected and you are a member of that team it will use that team. This will save you having to look yourself up in the list of assignees
  • If there is no team assigned to the request and you select ''Assign to me'' and you only belong to one team, that team will be used.  This would save you having to select the one team that you belong to from the list and provide a one click option to assigning it to yourself.
  • If there is no team assigned and you select ''Assign to me'' and you are a member of more than one team it will show you the list of your teams for selection.  Although the team is not automatically selected it will limit the selection to just the teams that you belong to

Let me know if you think that this would help your scenario.  We do also have an existing change in our backlog for the setting of a default team team for a request catalog item which is a bit different from having this on a per-user bases.



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Hi @James Ainsworth

This will be helpful, but would it be possible to think about creating a default/favourite queue.

I know its not so important as you see all your assigned tickets with the "My Request" view but old habits die hard.


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