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Linking customers to timesheets


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We are having some issues with the timesheet functionality: We cannot see how to “marry up” customers to the timesheets?

When we go into a ticket, there is the timesheet section – but how does this connect with the customer?

I had thought we had to define customers in the timesheet configuration, but the only way I could see this was by making customers into Categories, which doesn’t seem right.

Is there anyway to link customers to timesheets?

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Hi @fisky

Thanks for your post.

I just wanted to confirm the outcome that you are trying to achieve.  Are you looking to be able to see how much time was spent for a particular customer?  Timesheet Manager is primarily about tracking an individual's time and the different areas of work (categories) where they have spent time.

If the focus is on Service Manager requests and the customer it might be something that we need to look at or approach from a Service Manager perspective. 



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