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Creating an Average Time to resolve measure


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Hi Guys - My first time creating a measure and I'm struggling a bit - I did see this measure already pre-configured in a video describing reporting on the Hornbill Test instance so if someone can just cut and paste the correct config that would be handy.. 

In essence, I would like to be able to report on the average time taken to close our Critical and High tickets on a daily/weekly/monthly basis...



2017-04-18 (2).png

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@JonathanD I created a simple measure, you can try this one and then expand on it to add the query you want. Our measures are very similar except I added saved data columns which you don't need at this stage. And my Date Ranging Column is date logged as opposed to date closed but that shouldn't matter. My maximum sample history is only 12 and my thresholds are lower than yours. 



Resolve time average Measure.JPG

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