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Incorrectly logged calls and sla timers

lee mcdermott

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I was wondering how people tend to handle calls logged incorrectly - i.e. if a call is logged as an incident through the portal but it should really be a service request?

I assume  you cannot change the call type?

I notice you can raise new from the link option in the call which takes you through the progressive capture again, then the incident could be closed. This could be one option, but increases the overhead on the analyst to do this.

Alternatively I was thinking of adding an additional priority i.e. task and the call priority could be changed to task so the call doesn't have the resolve timers for normal incidents against it.

This is how we used to do it on our old system.

So I have created a new priority of task see below

created a new service level -and created a rule.

However on the configuration tab shown below by clicking on any of the cogs nothing happens? How do you actually view and configure the response and resolve timers?

I checked the wiki but it doesn't seem to show exactly where the options can be found.


I have done it before  and thought it was from this section - but this doesn't seem to be working anymore?



service level configuration.JPG

service level rules.JPG

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @lee mcdermott,

Thank you for your post.

If you click on a Service Level (i.e. Incident Task), what do you see under the "New Service Level" button?

In my example, by clicking on the "Gold" Service Level, I have the option to define Targets.


Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 08.57.35.png

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@lee mcdermott

If you wish to add a Service Level Target to a Service Level Agreement, you can do this from the Service Level Agreement as you have indicated. If you highlight the SL as per the screen shot below you will see the option to add Targets on the right hand side, and you can use the +Add Target to add a new Response or Resolution target for that Service Level Target. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 08.49.48.png

If you have this set up, on the request itself you would need to change the Service Level Target manually from the Request by clicking on the Service Level Name in the information section - In my example below - Internal Support Low Which will bring up the pop up.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 08.55.05.png

From the pop up you can choose the Service Level you wish to change it to, and provide a reason for the change of Service Level Target.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 08.55.27.png

This will then update the Service Level Target on the request.

A couple of things to note here:

* Currently once the Service Level is set during the logging of the request, the Rules you have set will not re-evaluated when you say change the Priority, hence the need to manually do the above. (We will be introducing the ability for the rules to be applied post logging on say priority change but it is not here today).

* If you change the Service Level Target it's response and resolution targets will be re-calculated from the point the timers where started not when the Service Level was changed (so you could see these immediately breach if your SL target has already passed)

In regards to incorrectly logged tickets, then yes using the Link and Raise linked request would be the option as you can't change a request's type after it is raised.





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Guest Ehsan

In relation to changing a Request Type, as you correctly guessed, it's not possible to change the Request Type of a request that is already logged.

Although, I would suggest that you review the Catalog Items of your Service definition, if Portal users are frequently raising requests against the wrong Catalog Item. You could do so through the Request Config tab of a Service definition where you can manage Catalog Items for Incidents and Service Requests. In the example below, I have a Catalog Item called "Get Help" under the "Incident" tab. I also have another Catalog Item called "Request for Back Up" under the "Service Request" tab. Through the Portals, end-users are presented with these two options when they click on "General Support" Service. The "Get Help" Catalog Item raises an Incident and the "Request for Back Up" Catalog Item raises a Service Request.

I hope this helps.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 09.00.17.png

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Thanks @Ehsan  - yes I have similar - but unfortunately still doesn't stop some users selecting the wrong ones.

@Steven Boardman


see screen shot when selecting the service I do not get the targets displayed?

I thought it might be a permission thing but not sure - I have even tried adding myself to the super user role but it still does not display?

As I say i thought this is where it was as I must have accessed it previously but not sure why it has gone?

no service level available.JPG

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Guest Ehsan

Thanks @lee mcdermott for bringing this to our attention. We are aware of this; it has been reported that some Users are not able to see the Targets menu of a Service Level although we have not found a consistent pattern as some Users are able to and some others are not. We're looking into this and we hope to rectify this in the next update of Service Manager.

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