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I can create a report that will give me all of our calls that have been logged in Hornbill not a problem but when I look at this report it is missing key information about the person who logged the call or had the call logged for them either by auto responder or our helpdesk. This is partly a training issue as the helpdesk are not filling out the information properly but that doesn't help me for my reports.

I figured because they fill out the name then I would be able to left join from the requests table to the system accounts table and use the name field as the common field between the two to get the company name for the user.

In SQL I would write...

Select *

From h_itsm_requests

Left Join h_sys_accounts on h_itsm_requests.Customer Name = h_sys_accounts.name

At the moment I am having to put each table in to excel and doing a vlookup for the reports every month.

If anybody can help me then please let me know.

Thank you,

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@dconagh to get a request list with the name of the analyst that logged the request is something like below:




The customer name in the requests table should hold the name of the customer on a request ...which can be either a co-worker or a contact...

If I still missing something give me some examples so I can understand your struggle :)

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Hi @dconagh

Are you looking to report on the name of the external companies you support and who reported the issue from these companies?  so in Hornbill terms the Contacts at each of your organisations you support?

If so you could create a report with no joins to get this information using the Entity reports option available in the Reporting tool.

When you create a new Report, in the General tab, set it up as follows:

* Report Using = Entity

* Report Entity = Request

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.03.36.png

This will then provide you with all the related entities and their information, along with the main Request Entity, so namely the customer contact info.

If you look in the Data Collection tab, you will see a long list of the the entities, and the available columns, which you can include in your report. 

In my example below, i have included the following:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.03.48.png

* I have also used the option next to each column (notepad and pen icon) to give each column a nice display name by clicking on it an editing the default table value (for display purposes only)

* Note you can also reorder how the columns appear on the report by dragging and dropping them into the preferred positions on this view.

Once you have the columns selected, you can preview the data as below, and if happy save and run the report exporting then to CSV or HTML.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 17.03.25.png

you still have the select filter options available to you should you wish to filter the results down based on dates, request type, company name etc



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