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New requests filter

lee mcdermott

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Just wondering if anyone can explain the New request option you can see at the top of a request list?

I vaguely remember it being mentioned once during switch on, but cannot actually remember when or how calls would show in this list?


Do you need to configure something on the BP?


I haven't noticed any of our calls yet appear as new so not sure what is required to be configured

any info would be great



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55 minutes ago, lee mcdermott said:



so what defines when it is NOT new?


how or when would it move - again would i configure this in the BP say once some has assigned it for example

Hi @lee mcdermott,

We have implemented the "New" status on some BPM's as a trial to see how it works. It's useful as when a user logs a call through the portal to certain Services the following happens.

  1. The first node of the BPM creates the ticket with a status of "New".
  2. Followed by a node to check which company the Customer Contact works for (not organization)
  3. Followed by a decision node that splits depending on the company
  4. Followed by setting the priority depending on their company
  5. Then an email is sent to the customer confirming their call has been logged
  6. It then comes to a "Suspend - Wait for Analyst" node.
  7. The status of the call is then set to "Open" once an Analyst picks up the call.

That's all i've found it useful for, and it helps to determine which calls do not have any analysts assigned at a glance.

Is this the sort of information you are looking for?



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I use the "New" status in a similar way to Samuel.  I use it for Change.  When a new change comes in, it starts with the status of "New" until it has been approved and planned.  Once it is active with development it changes to open to signify that it is being worked on.  It can be a nice way to differentiate between a change proposal and the change after it has been approved.

For incident management when an incident is raised from an automated source like an email and the Email Routing, it can be useful to assess the incident before considering it as being open for someone to deal with.  You can also use the New status to work along side a response timer.  A new requests comes into the Service Desk as New and with the response timer running.  Once particular actions are applied, the response timer is stopped and the request status changed to Open.



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