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Guest Sonali

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Guest Sonali


If I am on the request list screen and I want to perform a search on a particular i.e. any problems related to xxx. Then how do I go about doing this.

I have tried ctrl+Shift+f - this only given you the option to input the request id.

The wiki implies there is a search bar and you can carry out advance seraches but I am not sure where I can find this.

Please can you help me

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There's a small arrow in the global search bar which reveals a lot of extra options


The Request list also has views which are really powerful for building filters that you might want to apply regularly.

In addition to the above screenshot, you'll soon be able to search the timelines of all requests.

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In addition to what Chaz has highlighted you also have the quick filter on the request list view, which if you have the Problem request type selected or you are working in a custom view you have created, you can do a quick search against the Summary text from the quick filter box on the left hand side - Users in my case  below against Problems belonging to any Services my teams support. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 14.53.36.png


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