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user roles and tables


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Hi Winty,

Thanks for your post.  The management of roles is done from within the Administration Portal.  Each Role consists of System Rights, Application Rights, and Database Rights.  More information on our system roles is available on our wiki here.

By viewing any user within Administration you can see the roles that are associated to them.  By viewing an individual role you can see the list of users associated to a role.

Each application can be accompanied by their own app specific roles when installed.  Application specific roles can be viewed when browsing through to each of the applications in administration.  For Service Manager you can read more information about the application roles here.

Let me know if this helps and is what you are looking for.



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cheers James,

However that doesn't exactly match my need. As i would like to create a report of the roles I would like to Audit quickly the whole user base. 

So i would need to output in in a report, so ideally a Mysql or SQL server tables would be easier for me to gleam the data i need. Also monitor for changes. There are just far to many roles and Analyst to look via the application view.


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Hi @Winty

The tables you are after are as follows:

  • h_sys_roles - List of Roles and there descriptions
  • h_sys_roles_apprights  - List of Application & Rights a particular role has joined to h_sys_roles on h_role
  • h_sys_roles_dbrights - List of tables & Rights a particular role has joined to h_sys_roles on h_role
  • h_sys_roles_mbxrights - List of Mailboxes & Rights a particular role has joined to h_sys_roles on h_role
  • h_sys_accounts_roles - Association of Users to Roles joined to h_sys_roles on h_role and joined to h_sys_accounts on h_user_id

I hope this helps

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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@Winty @James Ainsworth @TrevorKillick

Just to make sure everyone is on the same page here: This section of the forum: Hornbill Platform -> Configuration Manager is dedicated to Hornbill Configuration Manager app. This is part of the Hornbill product series, not Supportworks. 


@Winty I assume you are looking for advice regarding Supportworks product. If this is correct then you would need to raise your query in one of the sub-sections here: https://forums.hornbill.com/forum/4-supportworks/. Possibly to "General Usage" or "Customisation".




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