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SLA Breach Board

Guest Sonali

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Guest Sonali


I have setup the SLA with escalations to send out an email and to update the breach board for any incidents that are about to breach. I have also created widgets to show the number and list of incidents that are breach in x minutes.

So far, I have proved that the:

- widgets work

- Email is sent out to the owner and the breach board is updated 

What I do not understand is when and how does the incident get removed from the breach board? What do I need to do? 

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Hi @Sonali

There are two options for removing requests from the boards.

1. You can remove them manually from the board, using the trash can on the request card representing the request on the list, after you have reviewed them etc. 

2. In your Business Process which is running for the Incidents, you can at whatever stage of the process (say after the response, or resolution timers have been marked, or perhaps after resolution or closure of the request or after a review, you can automate the removal of the the request from the board using the Boards > Remove From Board > Remove Request from Board and specifying the Board Name.

If the request is not on the board when it reaches this point in your process it will simply ignore this node.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.15.14.png

We have seen customers wanting to leave breached or breaching requests on for review, or manually remove once reviewed, through to relying on their business processes to remove any from the boards once the requests are resolved, or closed.  

Another option is to use the remove from board, so it takes it out of the approaching breach list on your breach board when the response or resolution marker is marked, but then use a decision node in you business process which evaluates if it was fixed within target (Yes / No, and if it was not fixed in time, you can use the Add to Board options in the business process to put this into a Breached Service level list on the Breach board again for review or for your widgets which are counting on the number of requests in each list.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 12.27.52.png

Just some ideas



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