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On Holiday - backup person


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I was wondering about the possibility of being able to set a backup person for when you're on holiday etc

If someone is on holiday and a user updates a call that update probably wont be seen until the analyst comes back in

It could be something urgent and the customer is getting frustrated about the lack of a response

If you could select a backup person when you change your status to on holiday etc then that person could receive any call updates

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Guest Ehsan

Hi @Everton1878,

Thank you for your great suggestion, although there are no plans to make any changes in this area on the 90-day development. There has been requests for notifying the owner or the team of a request on updates to a request. Would this help? Very similar to the various Application Settings relating to "guest.app.requests.notification.notificationType". Prior to leaving for holiday, you could re-assign your requests to your team and that way, everyone in your team will receive a notification. In addition, through the Admin Tool, you can disable assignment for members who are off on holiday - that way, requests will not be assigned to you.




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People should set that status when they're away

We have too many open requests to re-assign them

Sometimes we get people chasing calls and when we find them we find the delay is that the person is on holiday

If we could get more people using the portal we could look at putting calls on hold saying that we're on holiday

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