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Assigning New Requests


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We have a BPM set up so that when a customer raises a new Request via Self Service, this New Request is assigning to the "Most Available" 1st tier analyst.  The status is determined by what their Profile is showing.  At the end of the working day, 1st tier analyst need to remember to change their status to 'Out of Office' then log out, so that they don't get any further validation checks for New Requests.

We have had numerous incidents where the 1st tier analyst have forgotten to change their Status meaning they have been assigned new Requests, after they have left the office.

As such, I am wondering if it is possible for the system to also check if the analyst is effectively {Logged In to Hornbill} before it assigns a new request instead of relying on their Profile Status?

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Hi @sprasad

Thanks for your post.  We will have a look to see what options there are.  We do have the ''on-line'' status which refers to the user's session and if the user is active in Hornbill or not.  The challenge here might be that users who are working might close down their browser or logout to do a particular task which could close down their active session, when they are actually still available for working on requests.

In the mean time, an admin has the ability to update each user's availability status in the Administration portal under System->Organisational Data->Users, so if someone leaves on holiday and forgets to set this, it is still possible to do on their behalf.



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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @James Ainsworth

This may be a stupid question...but.....what happens if I select 'No' on the 'Include Offline Users' node, and someone logs a ticket while everyone is 'not at work' (i.e a weekend)?

Does the call just sit in an 'unassigned' state?


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