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Guest David Calder

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Guest David Calder

Using the search bar at the top of the screen, if I set the context of the search to be 'Requests', and then search for PM00000189, it returns the problem ticket I am looking for.

However, if I search for 189 it returns nothing. I would expect it to be able to find the ticket or tickets that have '189' in the number.


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Hi @David Calder

Thanks for your post. 

There is some info on the Hornbill wiki which details a little more about what operations / wildcard searches are supported when searching for requests using the global search:

By way of an example PM*189 would have returned your match

PM*18 would have returned PM189, and PM18 (if there was a PM18)


Just an FYI in the next couple of weeks you will also see an extended option in the Global Request Search which will allow you to search the content of the posts and comments from the requests timelines, so watch out for the release notes on the upcoming Service Manager updates. 


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Hi David,

Thanks for your post.  When typing '189' the search is looking for words/id that start with '189' rather than contain '189'.  If you know what the prefix is that you are looking for you can search on PM*189 which would return the request.  The indexing service that we use does not allow for wild card characters at the beginning of a search team.

More information about the search for requests in the Global Search bar can be found here



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