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Fancy a HUG?

Guest David Calder

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We're relatively new to the Hornbill platform - we've just finished our 30 Day Switch On and now we're configuring and testing for go-live. The Forums are a great resource to get information about the products but perhaps some of us could meet up - informally of course - to share best practices and to pick up tips and tricks that others have gained from experience.

If Hornbill wanted to get involved too, then perhaps an afternoon's agenda could look like this:

Overview of upcoming features - Hornbill

Open topic Lean Coffee meeting (http://leancoffee.org/) - All

Demonstrations - a couple of willing volunteers share some neat tricks they've incorporated into their business processes.

How about it?


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Hi David,

We are currently looking at a session for customers where we will be announcing some interesting and possibly exciting new stuff relating to Hornbill Service Manager and the Hornbill Platform.  We are still bottoming out the content but it will not be in the format of our HUG meetings, more of an education day with some real-world live examples.   Such a day is long overdue and I am keen to gauge interest and suggested topics, your post is a good starting point for that conversation.  So everyone, please weigh in and let us know what content you would like to see featured. 


P.S. Good to see you guys have made the switch, welcome and thank you.

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Hi @Gerry,

I think it would be worth creating a poll for this? What do you think? A lot of people come in passing... might actually be interested.

It's definately an interesting idea that would be worth exploring. The other Application I manage have regular user groups for different parts of the system, for admins, for technical discussions as well as an overall user group for major changes / additions to the system (sometimes these are combined). I've not yet attended to one, but a colleague has.

What would be a huge plus is to allow users to turn up as well as being able to stream the event (for those who live quite a distance away). The users watching the stream could ask questions/talk in the chat, and someone from Hornbill would monitor this. When it comes to the Q&A these questions would get answered, as well as those who attended. 

A feature idea on the Hornbill forums (if possible) would be to have a meeting section of the forums where you/Hornbill would arrange regular sessions with a poll for users with the options "attending, maybe, not attending" with details of the agenda and location in the post. Other users can chip in if they want to discuss anything.

If you were already thinking of the things that I posted, then please ignore my post... and take this as me expressing an interest in this.

Many thanks,


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I'd be interested to meet up (subject to date/place of course). Sounds like a great opportunity to get some incite into to future features and meet with other to share experiences/tips. I'd also welcome the use of remote webex type sessions which could be run say monthly with Hornbill demoing imminent features and taking on a Q&A. 

Of particular interest to me would be reporting. Now we have been using the system for some time we are monitoring and extracting data and honestly finding it a challenge. 

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Hi All,

We have now fixed a date of the 28 June 2017 which will be held in London, DoubleTree Hotel.  We are still finalising the itinerary so this is a firm but tentative date. Once we have done that we will be sending an official invite out via email, but I wanted to give you notice as early as possible to help your schedule.

I know the title of the thread is Fancy a "HUG" but this day is different to a HUG. The focus will be on Service Manager and Collaboration as well as coverage of our high level development plans (note I am not calling it a "ROADMAP" :) ). I have some really interesting things to show you relating to expanding the the BPM capabilities beyond human tasks and automated functions, showing features of Integration as well as IT Automation and Orchestration.  I would also like to give you some insight into the power of the Hornbill platform and show you examples of a number of apps that we have developed for our own use that are not even in the app store.  We will obviously have a Q&A session where you will get the oppertunity to take advantaged of our transparent and open approach face to face.  The day is really targeted at admins and power users of our system because some of the content will be reasonably technical.  Spaces will be limited so availability will be on a first come first serve basis, and we may need to change the venue depending on attendance levels. 


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@Gerry Sounds good! I've already pencilled the day in to my calendar and will do my very best to ensure I attend. 

With reference to your newer Q&A topic... It seems I'm unable to respond. However, in essence I am happy to trial a Youtube Live session and see how it goes ( in our continuous improvement processes we call this trystorming). The only real concern for me is the limitation on new features that you may be willing to discuss in public. 



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Sorry about that, I have moved the topic to somewhere more sensible, I had forgotten the Announcements group was read-only. 


With regards to the openness, I am very happy to be open with our customers but I need to consider our competitive position, it takes a lot of hard work to compete in this market today and we are still developing our arsenal of capabilities I am very reluctant to openly discuss futures, in particular strategic ones out in the open.  This its self would make an excellent discussion point :)

Anyway, if you (or anyone else) have got any suggestions then I am open, just jump on over to the above link and lets continue the discussion.


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On 5/11/2017 at 4:03 PM, Martyn Houghton said:


Not sure if its just me, but when I click on the link there is no reference to the HUG



The same applies to me.

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Hello @Gerry,

Any news on this meeting? Are we still saving the 28th of June?

The link you posted 20th April is not for the announcements forum. I can't find any information in Announcements either.

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I have just seen the agenda today so I believe these, along with the registration form will be sent out tomorrow.  Places are limited to 70 for the current venue reservation but the focus for this day is around Hornbill Collaboration and Hornbill Service Manager, there will be no content relating to Supportworks, (that will be in a future HUG)  so we wold not be expecting a large uptake for our customers that are currently using Supportworks, if there is we will have to re-think, or maybe place limits on numbers per organization etc... will cross that bridge when we get to it :)


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