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clean utility error

lee mcdermott

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We are due to go live on Monday, so wanted to run the clean utility early to make sure all is well. However I get the following error


also conf file attached.

I tried initially to do just change requests, then problem. But it failed with the same error. So went for all requests but still got the same.


Any ideas?

clean utility error..PNG

clean utility conf.JPG

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@lee mcdermott I am not an expert at all with this ( @TrevorKillick  usually is the master in my personal experience) but I was reviewing the source code of the utility (https://github.com/hornbill/goHornbillCleaner/blob/master/hornbillCleaner.go) and here is the piece of code failing:


If my understanding is correct, something went wrong when executing the SQL statement to count the number of records. This is done via the API method "sqlQuery" under data:


Which makes me wonder: did you change the rights of the admin account? Last time I had a similar message was because I removed a role from the admin account by mistake.


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Hi @lee mcdermott

This is most likely due to the following system setting being set to off:


With this set to Off, the sqlQuery API is disabled by the platform. Switch this setting to On for the duration of the clean, before switching it back to Off again when the clean is complete.

Hope this helps,


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