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Assigning Activities

lee mcdermott

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If an activity is assigned to a team rather than an individual, how do members of that team know an activity has been assigned to the team?

Is there a way that activity can show up in the request list for that team?

Basically my change process is designed to generate an activity to undertake the work once it has been through approval process etc. However the activity will always be assigned to different teams depending on what work is required. 

I cannot see how to view an activity if your in that team.





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@lee mcdermott

Expanding on what Daniel said above, you can also create custom board views on the activities main view making it easier for members of the groups to see what is assigned to them / their teams should they have missed the notifications.

In this view below, i have the Group - IT Suppliers and Contract Admin, i then created a Board with a few dynamic lists, which shows me all activities which are pending, if action is due in the next 60 days, 2 weeks or those which are overdue (based on the Activity Due Dates)

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 14.50.57.png

The great thing about these Activity boards, is that i can create as many lists as i need, and i can set the conditions against which Activities will automatically appear and be removed.

In the example above the Contract notice due in 60 days list will be populated with those activities assigned to my group which also meet the following criteria:

Category of Activity = Contract Review

Status = Assigned

Due Date is between 0 - 60 days from now

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 14.51.22.png

If (sorry when) anyone in the group completes the activity is will move from an Assigned to a Complete status and will disappear from the list - if nobody did action it in 60 days it would automatically move across to the Overdue List as it would then meet it's defined criteria.

Not forgetting the lis, and calendar views which are also available in the Activity options, hopefully this gives you some ideas for creating views for groups Activities alongside the notifications, and right hand side  sliding panel for access to group activities. 


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@Steven Boardman

Thanks steven  thats a great idea as well. I have just tested the activities notifications and that is good, but as you say maybe may get missed by some members of the team, so the boards would be a great method to track them.


i have checked mine and can see some assigned activities. I was trying to create a board to just view tasks that will be associated with changes.


So I thought the category condition would do this see screen show below.

what is the difference between category and type. I only have Task , scheduled call and bpm under Category. And under type I only have task or appointment.

In your example is Contract review a request category?




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Hi @lee mcdermott

The category is the Activity Category.  Task, Scheduled Call etc are the default ones

You can add your own categorises (as i have) from here, on the right hand side:

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 16.02.16.png

The great thing about creating your own categories is you can also set appropriate outcome's per Category, rather than just Done

Against each category, you can set your custom outcomes (like in the Business Process Designer), and for each choose a display name, colour indicator and also decide if a comment is mandatory if they choose a specific outcome (note required).

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 16.05.52.png

The Type of Activity is currently going be Task or Appointment - but a Task could say have a category of BPM Authorisation to indicate it is being an Authorisation if you wanted to split these out.

Hope that helps



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