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Error - specified user does not exist when creating a task


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Hi Guys - we have received an error message on one of our problem processes this morning. this is our major incident process, and when logged, and email is sent out to the whole team,


we have received the attached message when one on our first line analysts logged a problem. - the specified user does not exist -


the user for the task is specified is the "owner (for tasks)" so im not sure why this fails? but its important that that doesn't keep happening, as we cant just close and relog as all of IT including our directors will receive another email advising them our system has fallen over.


is there any reason we would get this error? this process has worked fine before, cant say for this specific user, but even if it was to do with the user, I would have thought re-assigning the ticket to me, then reloading the process should have made it work?







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