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Initial configuration of service Portal


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Hi, Another day, another challenge

One of the long outstanding items on my to-do list is to set up the portal for our users. I've got it to the stage where it's displaying a panel of services. Selecting the service then gives a panel of all of the Catalog Items. Clicking on any of them jumps straight to the Progressive Capture defined for that CI which the console also uses.

In the portal the customer search is negated by the fact that the customer is logged on and the service Details is supplied by selecting the service and Config Item from the portal menus.

So the only bit of the puzzle is how do I get the Request Details????




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@DougA You'll only see requests that you're the customer of in the portals. If there are no requests we'll hide the tab when looking at a Service as there's nothing to see. I'm guessing in your case you may well be the owner of a request, but not the customer so you won't see anything.

If I've misunderstood, as Lyonel suggests, some screenshots might help.

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@DougA are you referring to the Progressive Capture forms? so as you say the Customer Search and Services forms are skipped because we know who the logged in user is, and which service and catalog item to raise it against based on the choice they made to get to the Progressive Capture flow.

So if that is the case, and you refer to the Request Details, is this not a case of using the Request Details PC Form, to prompt the customer for the summary or description? or a custom form which then maps to the Summary or Description fields once logged?  or if the Request Details are always the same (i.e. summary and description), then you could use the Update Request option in the linked Business Process, so this is automatically set when the request is raised and the Business Process is invoked (obviously you could set this differently for each Catalog Item)

Sorry if i have misunderstood


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Ok, here's the initial part of the Progressive Capture


When an analyst logs a request they would be prompted for the customer, summary and description before selecting the service and catalog item to switch to the defined progressive capture.

When it's logged via the portal the customer information is provided automatically and the service details are provided by selecting the service and then the catalog item. The part that I don't have is the request details.

Capture14.PNG.b1ae81d0611a93596c569e21d30f304a.PNG     Capture15.PNG.3733f023dcd94ee50d9b944b7245005d.PNG

Hope that makes a bit more sense now!



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Hi @DeadMeatGF

yes I have. It's switching to the correct ProCap which just collects the information specific to the Catalog Item.


I'm guessing here but I think this ProCap needs modifying to capture the Request Details as well just not sure how to do that without affecting the console.



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So looking at this, you have the PC which is linked to the Raise New button or other request types in the user app for Analysts - and his asks for customer, request details, service - but this is not the case on the portals - the above mentioned PC is not used at all on the portal, it is just the PC linked to each Catalog item, so as you say, if you want to prompt the Customer for the Request Details you can include this form in the PC's linked to each catalog item.

This should not effect the console experience for your analysts as you appear to be using the Switch Process node in your PC, so this will check to see if the form in PC has already been used and if so, it will not repeat it when switching to the PC linked to the catalog item.

In my example below:

My PC linked to the Raise New Option is this, which is similar to yours

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.01.51.png

I then have a PC linked to a catalog item, which also includes the Request Details form:

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.01.29.png

When my analyst logs a new request and chooses the catalog item and switches to the PC linked to that catalog item, the request details form is skipped and the analyst is taken to the next form, in my case the Scheduling one as shown below

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.02.03.png

My customers on the Portal, when they select the Catalog item will be presented with the Request Details form:

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.06.25.png

Hope that helps


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