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Service Request to Incident

Prathmesh Patel

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Hi @Prathmesh Patel

Thanks for your post. 

It is not possible to change the Request Type of a ticket once it has been logged. The main reason for this, is the supporting business processes which are in flight once a ticket is raised, generally based on the Service, and or Catalog item which have been selected.   In addition to this, the business process which is running may have dependancies on the data collected in the Progressive Capture logging experience, and so switching the Request type and therefore the supporting business process would be problematic at various levels (Service Level Timers, Routings, Task allocations etc).

What we suggest is the option to create a linked request with the correct type, service, catalog item (where applicable), and close the original one down / or cancel it. 

Through the use of the Catalog item's under the services, we would hope that this would reduce down the number of incorrectly logged requests in the first place, as the options for the analysts or customers on the portal can be presented in non-technical terms. Alternatively if Catalog Items are not in use, using the Progressive Capture, if configured can allow you to select the 'Request Type' after you have collected all the relevant information from the caller in order again to ensure where possible that this is correctly logged. 



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