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Editing non-common custom form fields


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Following on from my earlier query on editing custom fields, Could you tell me if the details form is specific to:-

  1. The Service
  2. The Request Type under the service
  3. The Catalog Item or
  4. The Request Type of the Catalog Item.

We used to just have services for what are now Catalog Items. That meant it was very easy to configure different custom fields for different services. We've now completed reorganising all of those services into 8 or 9 services and catalog items. Each Request Type can have a number of different catalog items e.g.

  1. Service:- Desktop Hardware
    1. Request Type - Incident
      1. Configuration Item:- Device Non-Operational
        1. Custom Field A
        2. Custom Field B
    2. Request Type - Service Request
      1. Configuration Item:- Supply New Equipment
        1. Custom Field A
        2. Custom Field B
        3. Custom Field C
        4. Custom Field D
      2. Configuration Item:- Device Configuration
        1. Custom Field E
        2. Custom Field F
    3. Request Type - Change
  2. Service:- Desktop Software
  3. ....

In order to be able to edit the information gathered on a customised form I'm adding the custom fields into the details form. I'm pretty certain that the details form isn't specific to the service/request type/Configuration Item which means I can't collect different information for different Configuration Items.

If I use a custom form then the fields can't be edited later. If I use a custom form but use the field name custom_a, custom_b etc so they can be edited I can't then display/edit just the relevant fields.

Unless of course you know different...



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Your correct in that you would have to define all the fields and map them to custom_a, b etc, at the service level. The details form set via the Services form, are specific to the Service, just not the catalog items..

You can then use the progressive capture to only ask the questions based on the catalog ID and as a workaround, If you set the fields on the details for to only display when they have a value. This should mean only the appropriate ones appear in the initial request view, though you would see them all when expand the section to edit.



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