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Morning all, Its Friday!

Could someone please advise me if i can set up a progressive capture in the portal to auto log one type of log through one category to a specific team and priority?

If so what form etc would i need to use to do this?



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So if i would like to have a flow that logs to a specified team for a specific category in the BPM,is their a way to do that so that flow only affects that type of call and not others?
As far as i am aware the BPM is something that affects everything? as it is set in the settings? 

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13 minutes ago, DeadMeatGF said:

I'm pretty sure that's a Business Process function rather than a Progressive Capture one.

I confirm!

The best way to do this is to create a specific BPM and set it to the catalog item you need it for.

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@Lyonel and @DeadMeatGF are correct the way to do this is through the business processes which are supporting your catalog item options. 

Now there are a few things which may influence the best way to do this. 

1. If your existing Service/s, have been set up with multiple Catalog Item options (to reflect the types of issues / category of issues customers  can log) as per the example below - 

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.57.40.png

Then you could add an additional Catalog Item for the new type of request (category) you wish to offer, and then against the Catalog Item add a Business Process, which routes the requests raised against this specific catalog item to the required resolver team and with the required priority pre-set.

2. If however you just have a single Catalog item defined against your service/s, something like the below then you would need to add logic into the supporting business process of that catalog item to check what the logging category was and branch and route to the different resolver teams based on that. 

This is assuming you prompt your customers to provide a category during the progressive capture process.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.57.53.png

In option 2 , in your single business process, you may need to use the Get Request Information > Request Details option and then a decision node, followed by a couple of custom expressions to check the Logging Category, and branch to different assignment node based on the outcome.  In the different paths you could set up the assignment nodes, and the Update Priority based on the category.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 11.12.07.png

With option 1 described above you would not need to do this, as you can link a specific business process to each catalog item (category in effect) and in that specific business process, you can just define which team to route it to, and which priority to set, if the customer chooses that specific catalog item from the portal.

Hope that helps



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