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Change request go to if error?

lee mcdermott

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Hi I seem to be having an issue on my BP for our change request.

Initially this was working  but I made some changes at which point I started getting the following error. This was initially setup and working on the planning and approval stage see screen shot. I then replicated exactly the same on the next stage implementation the process worked but then failed on the implementation stage as below with the no matching goto if - but this only occurred when a Normal change was logged it works for Standard and Emergency.

However I reverted back to how it was and I now get the same error but now on planning and approval stage although it used to work?

I am not sure if this is a bug or whats happened?

so I have a get request details followed by a decision to branch based on the change Type - Standard, Emergency and Normal. See attached screen shots.

This used to work but now it works when Standard or emergency change has been logged  - but for a Normal change it fails with the no match go to if found.

Any ideas??

rfc error.JPG

rfc approval.JPG


rfc bp.JPG

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Just to note - i did make a copy of the change bp before i made the initial changes, but now if I change the BP for changes to the one i made a backup of - it doesn't fully work  - all the HUD information seems to be missing as if the BP is not being activated? See screen shot - this is where i changed which BP to use for the change requests. Is there somewhere else that the change BP is configured?

change admin settings.JPG

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Hi @lee mcdermott,

Just wanted to confirm if "RFC" is the Title or the ID of the process you are trying to use? The setting would need to match the ID which can be identified by going into the details of the process and viewing the process settings as per the screenshot.

Kind Regards,



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