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**!!Resolve Timer not correct!!**

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I have run a report for our P1's to find out the Resolve times for them.
The report is as follows:



The IN shows as:


So it has been logged - responded to and Resolved and closed  - Response time is reporting correctly however when i run a report for these figures it is showing a Resolution time of 115200 which is about 1920 Minutes, which equates to 32 hours? Now from what I can see from when it was logged to when it was resolved from the call itself it only took 5 hours 49-50ish minutes? so why on earth is it reporting as 32 hours?


Please also note that @ 9.04am it was raised from a p3 to a p1 is it getting confused because of this?

please help!

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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

The columns h_responsesecs and h_fixsecs refer to how many seconds an analyst has to resolve that call - so for your example, in Incident IN00003618, they had 32 hours to resolve the request. 

To report on how long it actually took to respond and resolve a request, you should report on the columns: h_responsetime and h_fixtime

For more information on what our columns refer to, we have information on our wiki: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Table_Info:_Main_Request_Table

Kind Regards


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Also i cannot figure out how to find these h_responsetime and h_fixtime

I know they are in the https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Table_Info:_Main_Request_Table

I have been referring to it all day, But when i try to run a report their is not a option for these?

I have looked in a entity and in sql but canot find them :/

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