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Custom Sort Order in Request List


Awesome or not?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about my Custom Sorting idea?

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Could we have a feature where we can set custom sorting in the Request List.
    For example I would like to sort the Owner field a-z, as well as sorting the Last Updated from earliest to latest.

Could we also be able set custom sort ordering as well?
    For example i want to sort by Owner Samuel, Bob, Jill, Mary, * a-z
    sort by Team 3, Team 5, Team 1, * z-a

I would also like have the ability to choose the custom sorting much like choosing the custom views.



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@samwoo this is already possible, if you sort the request list the way you want and then save it as your current view, it will remember you preference, even if you change the criteria :)

Of course, you should only save the view you want as your Home view, but sorting is saved as part of it.


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Hi @Chaz,

Thanks for the response. I already use the views, but i am unable to sort multiple columns at once, such as what can be done in Excel:

I know Hornbill isn't excel, but thought it might be possible to implement a similar functionality.



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