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Corporate SLAs no working correctly

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have just changed our BPMs to add a human task to check the validity of an 'Emergency Request'. The timers now do not work correctly and a call I have just logged and closed has been marked as failed both response and resolve SLAs.

Response time = 1 hour and resolve time = 10 hours. The time the timers would have expired is marked correctly, just marked as failed.

Any assistance welcomed :)







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Hi @Dan Munns

Thanks for the detailed post.  I've tried to replicate the issue using your BPM process and based on the information above but I've not managed to do so at this stage.  I just wanted to check whether this issue is occurring on every request you try to log or whether it was limited to the one case that you have reported?

We'll continue to investigate further to see if we can find out what has occurred in this case



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Hi @David Hall,

The issue seems fairly sporadic with some calls being fine and others displaying the above behavior. Others seem to display the resolve timer but not the response timer.

I will pass the details of the next call that it happens on it that helps.



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