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Filtering Activities by Role


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I’ve noticed that I’m able to filter on “Assigned to” > “Role” (see attached) however other users are not able to filter by “Role”.

It appears as though you have to be a member of the “Admin Role” role to be able to filter on “Role”.

I've raised this as a support Request, they've confirmed this is correct and they suggest i raise a thread about it - please can all user be able to filter based on a role.

e.g. Assigned to > is not > Role 



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Hi @PSG,

Although this is the intended behaviour I can see a way to improve it. I think instead of showing all the roles to be selected, we could display only the roles that you are assigned to. Anyway you will not be able to see activities to roles that you are not assigned to.

What do you think? Will it work for you?



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