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To Hornbill staff,

I was browsing through some of your online content and came across something I would be very much interested in for my organisation:

CH00145677As a Release Manager I would like to have a Release Request form

Could you tell us a bit more about this? I am about to kick off a development for a Release and Deployment platform, but this change could be a game changer... So any info at this stage would be incredibly valuable (and potentially save me a lot of time and effort).

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @Lyonel

Thanks for posting on this.

We are looking to introduce Release & Deployment into Service Manager, and the first step towards this is to have the Release Container.  So in the initial release in Service Manager, you can expect to see something very similar to the existing Change Container, so the following

* Release Form

* Services extended out to allow the defining of Release Request Configuration (comparable to Change)

* Ability to define Business Processes against your different Services and Profiles for Release

* Ability to link Changes etc to the Releases

* Ability to raise Releases via Progressive Capture

* Request list and view filters for Release Requests

* Extend out existing Progressive Capture forms and Business Process options to cater for the new Request Type.

After the initial release, we will be looking to follow it fairly quickly with a Release Calendar.

In parallel we are also working on defining the relationships between linked requests so you can understand which requests are say causing or fixed by etc when linked to a request / Release 

We have also in the last Service Manager update released the ability to automate the resolving / closing of linked requests so will provide the ability to automate say closing Changes linked to a Release.

As Gerry has posted elsewhere on the forum we are also exploring what Orchestration / Automation we can offer / integrate with and this is an area which we will be able to update on in the coming months. 

I hope this gives you some information about what will be available initially and areas we will introducing in the coming months. 



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