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suspend request until 'scheduled', 'published', or 'workaround'

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Hi Guys - is there any way I can use the BPM to 'check' if a change request has been scheduled, and not allow the process to proceed until this is done? - similar as to how you can do with priority and request owner etc,


I can see you can put an action focus onto the 'schedule' section, but cant suspend the workflow until this is completed? the same goes for setting a 'workaround', or 'publishing the request' on the problem process, there just isn't the otions there under the suspend setting,





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Hi @Gary@ADL

Thanks for your post.  

There is an option for suspending the schedule but it is not listed under requests.  As this is a feature that is only available on Change Requests you need to go to the Change Requests Entity. 



Unfortunately from what I can see, there are no suspend options for Publish or Workaround.  



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