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Max of 1000 in reporting?

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Stupid question guys,

I run a widget monthly to show exactly how many Service requests have been logged in the month. 

I have attempted to create a report to do this aswell. However it only gets as far as 1000 records then stops? i have to rerun it for the remaining days to get the rest of the records?

Is this just me or is it a design issue?



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Hi Hayley,

Thanks for your post.  There is a setting in Administration that by default limits results to 1000.  This is in place in order to help maintain performance.  You are able to adjust this setting but I would recommend keeping it at a reasonable figure.  

In Administration navigate to System->Settings->Advanced Settings and search for the setting below and adjust accordingly.

The maximum number of rows allowable in a query result. If the query exceeds the maximum size then an error will be returned to the caller.



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