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Customising Default forms

Steve Giller

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I may be wrong, but I don't think you can alter anything on the default forms - this is an issue for us in the fairly straightforward scenario of wanting to tell the Customer that we need the site of the incident rather than the site at which they are based.

This may seem self-evident but please trust me when I assure you it's apparently not, partly, I believe, due to the text on the default form saying "Customer Location"

I don't want to alter the form in any significant way, but the option to change "Customer Location" to, for example, "Please enter the location where you're having an issue" would be a real boon. As far as I can tell the Display option is only relevant within the ProCap flowcode screen itself and doesn't affect what the customer sees.

Any chance this could be added as an option?

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

You can make some basic changes to the text displayed on the default forms, as each label is a translation string. 

If you have the rights to use the Translation Mode you can simply enable this in the user app and navigate to the text you want to change (highlighted in green), if you right click on the text, you can change this to what you need. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 16.58.58.png

You can also edit these in the admin tool using the following translation strings:

Home > Service Manager > Translations

user.view.pcapture.site.customer.title - Lefthand side

user.view.pcapture.site.prompt - Righthand Side

If you are referring to the portals, then this translate mode does not exist there, but you should have access to the translation strings in the admin tool to make the same changes to the displayed text.

These two translation strings maybe the one's you are interested in for the Service Portal.



Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 22.09.27.png

Hope that helps




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Thanks for that @Steven Boardman

I believe this would be a global change?

Unfortunately we have different wording requirements for different areas who are planning use Service Manager, so that option wouldn't completely resolve our issue, although it will suffice for until the next academic year until the next department joins the party.

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

Yep changes to the translation string values would be global.

I'll raise the requirement to in effect have configurable display text on default forms in Progressive Capture, so as you say it can be different when the same form is used in the same or different Progressive Capture flows.

Hopefully as you say you have a solution for the here and now, we'll feedback here with progress in this area


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