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Afternoon all,

I wonder if you can help, I am trying to run a Report that shows calls logged by team - but I cannot find a filter for Logged by team?

Am I being blind, or does one not exist?, is there a work around?



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Hi Hayley,

Thanks for your post.  I just wanted to check if you see a difference between the team that is raising the request to the first team that it is assigned to?  When a person is raising a request, that person may belong to many teams, even some that are outside of IT.  At the moment we don't have an option for that person to select which of their teams it is being raised by.  We only have an option in progressive capture for the first team to assign it to.  In either case we may have some work to do to get the report you are looking for.



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I came here for this too. Even if we can't have "Logged by team", can we have "Logged by (name of analyst)"?

I'm referring to the filter views also as I'd like to get a read on how many calls are logged by my service desk team.

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I currently do a join with h_sys_groups and join based on the created by user id and the user id in sys groups table, This works very well where users are only in one team, however when they are in multiple I end up with duplicate records which I think is a limitation of the what we can do on the system at the moment


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